UFCW Local 175 President Shawn Haggerty

Shawn Haggerty

President, Local 175 UFCW Canada

President’s Message Summer 2022

Healthcare struggles under are-elected Ford government

In May, Stewards attended our first Healthcare Conference since the pandemic began. Meeting and hearing from these members, reassured me that our loved ones in the healthcare system continue to be well cared for.

But our healthcare workers have been, and continue to be, at the very front of the front line; fighting this pandemic and dealing firsthand with the consequences of an underfunded, understaffed, and under-prepared system.

So, in this issue of Checkout, we’re focusing on our members in healthcare; including more on the Healthcare Conference on page 22; workers compensation, and health and safety issues on page 20, and; profiles of two of our dedicated healthcare members on pages 10-13 as well.

The Local Union’s Hospital, Office and Professional Employees (HOPE) regions serve members in healthcare; from long-term care (LTC) and retirement homes, to community and group care facilities and addiction treatment.

Since the creation of these HOPE regions, the Local Union has made precedent setting gains through the Hospital Labour Disputes Arbitration Act (HLDAA) and also in regular bargaining.

In April, the Ontario Science Table published critical recommendations for LTC, the first of which was to “Enhance the entry and retention of LTC home staff through the creation of more full-time positions, adequate staffing levels, and improvement of working conditions.”1

During his election campaign, Ford promised an additional $10 billion to build hospitals and add 3,000 beds. But what about the workers? To meet the needs of the promised increase in long-term care beds and higher care levels over the next few years, Ontario needs upwards of 59,000 healthcare workers including RNs, RPNs, and PSWs.2

How can Ontario attract and retain skilled healthcare workers when the government ignores the needs of the workers? When existing workers are exhausted by working short because of chronic underfunding? When many of them have their wage increases capped under legislation that interferes with their collective bargaining rights?

Ford’s re-election means that the struggle to gain and retain basic rights for workers continues. We won’t see Bill 124, or the more recent Bill 106, repealed. Both Bills override bargaining rights, and Bill 106 gives the government broader powers to determine public sector compensation including who gets regulated by how much and for how long.

Your Union continues to fight anti-worker legislation and raise the minimum standards for workers at every opportunity.

Because no matter the industry or sector, the skilled members of UFCW Locals 175 & 633 have a hand in producing vital goods and services across the province. The real-world everyday value of those goods and services for our communities is undeniable.

Please enjoy a happy and safe summer.

In Solidarity,
Shawn Haggerty

1 Ontario COVID-19 Science Advisory Table. (2022, April 28). Science Briefs: The COVID-19 Pandemic’s Impact on Long-Term Care Homes: Five Lessons Learned. COVID-19 Science Table. Retrieved June 3, 2022, from
2 SEIU Healthcare. (2021, December 7). Ford government plans will result in devastating healthcare worker shortage. SEIU Healthcare Union. Retrieved June 3, 2022, from
UFCW Local 175 Secretary-Treasurer Kelly Tosato

Kelly Tosato

Secretary-Treasurer, Local 175 UFCW Canada

Secretary-Treasurer's Message Summer 2022

June marks both Indigenous History and Pride month in Canada

The labour movement, and many other forms of activism, have often included barriers to inclusivity and equality, and sometimes outright exclusion. Your Union works alongside many labour and community organizations to ensure that the Union and the labour movement create safe inclusive spaces within the movement, inside our workplaces, and in the community at large.

June is National Indigenous History Month, and earlier this year, the Union received a great arbitration decision regarding Rexall/Pharma Plus and the company’s refusal to acknowledge September 30, the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation, as a statutory holiday.

In May, groups across Canada held vigils, walks, and ceremonies to commemorate the sombre anniversary of the discovery of unmarked graves at the former Kamloops Indian Residential School. The number of unmarked graves now sits at more than 10,000 nation-wide, with more to follow no doubt.
While this arbitration victory is certainly an important one for the 3,200 members at Rexall/Pharma Plus, it also marks an important win for the advancement of Reconciliation in this country.

Read more about the arbitration decision on page 9 of the Summer 2022 issue of Checkout.

June is also Pride month, and as we celebrate our healthcare workers in this issue of Checkout, it’s important to recognize that working in healthcare often results in having personal connections with residents. When it comes to caring for residents and clients with memory or cognitive impairment, ensuring their identities are respected is an important step to having a truly safe and inclusive space for everyone.

To address this, the Union offered a pre-conference course to healthcare stewards in 2019. The workshop, facilitated by EGALE Canada, included information on language use, identities, and real-life scenarios healthcare workers may encounter. While this course focused on resident care, empowering our members with this type of knowledge helps build compassion and respect for workers as well.

In May, Executive Board Vice-President Shirley Hepditch and Executive Assistants to the President Angela Mattioli and Sylvia Groom, attended an in-person UFCW OUTreach event in Washington, D.C. Attendees took part in a Pride flag raising ceremony at the UFCW International office, and with Sylvia’s retirement (see page 6), Angela took the oath of office to become part of the OUTreach Executive Board.

I know Angela, myself, and the Local Union staff and members are excited to get back to celebrating Pride in person this year as event organizers across the province and beyond get back to parades, marches, picnics, and more. We hope to see you there!

Through negotiating progressive collective agreements, advocating at different levels of government, working with activist groups, and through training provided to members and staff, your Union strives to contribute to the progress of achieving equality for all people.

Take care, and stay well.

In Solidarity,
Kelly Tosato

Locals 175 & 633 Executive Boards

Local 175

Shawn Haggerty – President
Kelly Tosato – Secretary-Treasurer
Karen Vaughan – Recorder


Rick Alagierski, Glen Avila, Chris Bernardi, Maggie Brayson, Lorne Bruce, Paul Capranos, Michael Collins, Al Couture, Kelly Dick, Michelle Dow, Ozren Elezovic, Ross Fraser, Lynne Grant, Rob Hamilton, Dawn Hanlon, Shirley Hepditch, Jennifer Hoskins, Kimberly Hunter, Scott Jackson, Sharon Jones, Kelly Kobitz, Carolyn Levesque, Murray Macrae, Jose Marteniano, Julia Mcaninch, Sharon McMahon, Cheryl Miner, Jim Montgomery, Tony Morello, Jean Patenaude, Jamesantony Pathmarajah, Toni Pettitt, Alan Reston, Louis Rocha, Terry Rombough, Joy Searles, Linda Souliere, Leighton Stephenson, Rick Szyja, Navidad Talbot, Jonathan Van Egmond, Lori Wallis, Byron Williams, Michael Windley.

Local 633

Marylou Mallett – President
Brian Kozlowski – Secretary-Treasurer
Julie Hinsperger – Recorder


Dennis Gagnon, Agron Klecka, Rita-Lynn Swiderski.


UFCW Locals 175 & 633 Staff (2019)

Officers of Local 175

Shawn Haggerty – President
Kelly Tosato – Secretary-Treasurer
Karen Vaughan – Recorder
Chris Fuller – Executive Assistant to the President
Angela Mattioli – Executive Assistant to the President
Jim McLean – Executive Assistant to the President


Officers of Local 633

Marylou Mallett – President
Brian Kozlowski – Secretary-Treasurer
Julie Hinsperger – Recorder

Region 1

(Thunder Bay Office)
905-821-8329  |  1-800-565-8329  [fax: 905-821-7144]

Director – Tracy Stubbs
Union Representatives – Alex Stubbs

Region 2

(Mississauga Office)
905-821-8329  |  1-800-565-8329  [fax: 905-821-7144]

Director – Lee Johnson-Koehn
Union Representatives – Rick Daudlin, Sacha Edey, Christina Mayberry, Tony Nigro, Sabrina Qadir

Region 3

(Ottawa & Cornwall Offices)
905-821-8329  |  1-800-565-8329  [fax: 905-821-7144]

Director – Paul Hardwick
Union Representatives – Sean Carroll, Shannon Epp, Kimberly Hunter, Joe Tenn; Servicing Representative – Sandra Proulx

Region 4

(Mississauga Office)
905-821-8329  |  1-800-565-8329  [fax: 905-821-7144]

Director – John Di Nardo
Union Representative - Tim Kelly; Servicing Representatives – Nunzio Cannistraci, Colleen Cox, Virginia Haggith, Jennifer Hanley, Amanda Nagy, Chris Watson.

Region 5

(Cambridge & Leamington Offices)
905-821-8329  |  1-800-565-8329  [fax: 905-821-7144] Cambridge:

Director – Jehan Ahamed

Union Representatives – Joce Cote, Mario Tardelli
Servicing Representatives – Rolando Cabral, Kelly Dick

Region 6

(Mississauga Office)
905-821-8329  |  1-800-565-8329  [fax: 905-821-7144]

Director – Sam Caetano
Union Representatives – Dave Forbes, Jason Hanley, Mike Mattioli, Melody Slattery, Navidad Talbot, Fred Teeple.

Region 7

(Cambridge Office)
905-821-8329  |  1-800-565-8329  [fax: 905-821-7144]

Director – Jehan Ahamed
Union Representatives – Chris Bernardi, Todd Janes
Servicing Representatives – Arlene Robertson, Michael Windley

Region 8

(Sudbury Office)
905-821-8329  |  1-800-565-8329  [fax: 905-821-7144]

Director – Derik McArthur
Union Representatives – Jeff Barry, John Beaton, Richard Eberhardt, Jim Hames

HOPE Sector
905-821-8329  |  1-800-565-8329  [fax: 905-821-7144]

Director, Long-Term Care & Retirement: Sandra Ashcroft;
Union Representatives: Ayesha Jabbar, Derek Jokhu, Dean McLaren, Steve Springall

Director, Community Care: Sandra Rogerson;
Union Representatives: Nabeela Irfan, Casey Magee, Meemee Seto
Servicing Representative: Hodan Wais

Pay Equity

Coordinator –  Matt Davenport
Representative – Orsola Augurusa

Workers’ Compensation Department
905-821-8329  |  1-800-565-8329  [fax: 905-821-7144]

Coordinator – Sarah Neath
Workers’ Compensation Representatives – Joanne Ford, Nelson Pereira, Courtney Salomons
Intake Representative – Georgina MacDonald

Health & Safety
905-821-8329  |  1-800-565-8329  [fax: 905-821-7144]

Health & Safety Representative – Mary Shaw

Organizing Department
905-821-8329  |  1-800-565-8329  [fax: 905-821-7144]

Director – Rick Wauhkonen
Organizing Representatives – Ricardo Bocanegra, Tim Hum, Jeffery Lu, Lionel MacEachern, Amy Tran

Legal Department

Director – Jane Mulkewich
Legal Counsel – Shauna Fabrizi-Jomaa, Mary Hurley, Matthew Jagodits, Silvia Neagu, Kendall Yamagishi

Training & Education
905-821-8329  |  1-800-565-8329  [fax: 905-821-7144]

Director – Kelly Nicholas
Servicing Representative – Teresa Wilson

Communications Department

Coordinator – Jennifer Tunney
Communications Representatives – Laurie Duncan, Ashleigh Vink

Project Coordinator

Coordinator – Wei Chen